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Although I really should. Last Thursday I started working again at the translation office where I spent the last summer as a trainee. My contract lasts until the end of July, with an option for two more weeks in August, so you could call me seasonal help. Since it's the season that causes all the fuss and trouble.

July is the month when Finland closes shop. I'm serious. Everyone wants to have their summer holiday in July. Hence, one third of the in-house translators are on vacation in July. The problem is, the holiday season in most of Central and Western Europe doesn't start until later, in August. So, many other European branch offices (excluding Sweden, for instance) are just now busy trying to get as much work done as possible before everyone goes on holiday. And since we get quite a big proportion of our assignments from other European offices, we're swamped.

So, they called me early last week: "We're a bit short-staffed, could you lend a hand?" And here I am, a salarywoman once more. I get this feeling that I currently do more and get paid less than as a freelancer, but the fixed (or slightly flexible) hours have their perks: no more working 'till the wee hours of dawn or on weekends.

But I'm  loath to wake up at 7 o'clock ayem. Besides, my brain doesn't function properly before 11 o'clock or noon. Luckily, I apparently can do quite a decent job on autopilot ^_^;;;
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