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In mid-November there were some issues with one translation in a project I'm responsible for. I asked instructions from the other branch office that had outsourced the work to us and they promised to look into it. I forgot to press the matter and they never got back to us. I had two possible courses of action. I took account the fact that there had already been problems with the source files of that very same translation job, and made up my mind. We delivered the translations, and since there were no complaints, I thought I had made the right choice and forgot all about it.

Until yesterday, when the whole bloody affair came back with a vengeance and bit me in the arse.

We should have stuck to the source, but I thought the source was corrupt, so we stuck to the translation memory (previous translations for the same client) instead. Bad choice. The source was correct, and now I have to fix umpteen translated sentences that are all in one single file of gargantuan proportions. It's very dull, very mechanical and very time-consuming, since due to the quality of the problem, it can't be fixed automatically, but has to be done manually, checking every occurrence.

At least I know what I'll do all Monday morning: mop up my own mess.
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