Jan. 13th, 2008


Jan. 13th, 2008 11:12 pm
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I have two and a half weeks to finish my master's thesis and I'm beginning to feel like I'm not going to make it. To be exact, I have seventeen days and at the moment, I still have to transcribe one quarter of my data and I only have about nine whole pages of something vaguely text-like, when the first version of the thesis is supposed to be a minimum of sixty pages long >___< I would have to write something like...*calculates on paper*... 2,94 pages a day to make it on time - and transcribe the missing data at some point, since I can't very well be writing my analysis part without data to analyze, can I?

It's not that writing itself is difficult, I've written 20-page scientific essays in one week, but it's making myself sit down to write is next to impossible. Take today: I've fiddled with my references and word processing options, read six comic books - my missing data - and written two whole sentences. If I go on like this, I'm really not going to make it. This whole thing has been hanging over my head like some kind of academic sword of Damocles for the past two years and I'm gradually getting sick and tired of it.

But I can't very well give up, since I went as far as to inform the office that I won't be available for translations until the end of month. In the living room, bf's watching television and probably thinking I'm busily writing my thesis. He's been terribly supporting. It would feel so embarrassing and disappointing to give up at this point.

And besides, I would feel like an utter cheat for the rest of my life and wouldn't be able to face myself ever again.


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