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Grrr. I transcribed a whole comic book for my thesis today, but when I was halfway through, I noticed there was a page missing from the translated copy I had borrowed from the city library yesterday. Which means I have to find an intact copy to make a complete transcript file. And I went to get it from the main library in the first place only because the copy belonging to our local library was nowhere to be found. According to the library database it's supposed to be there on the shelf, but no. It's probably misplaced and the library personnel I spoke to said there was nothing much they could do about it. So, tomorrow I'm going to go to our local library and search through every bookshelf if I must, and try to find the bloody copy. If I don't, it means a bus trip to one of the two other local libraries who have a copy, since both of the main library copies are lent out (and one of them is the damaged copy I have at the moment).

It's like the circumstances are working against me: if the local library copy hadn't gone missing, I wouldn't have the damaged copy from the main library (assuming the local library copy is intact), or if that accursed somebody hadn't torn a page out from the main library copy, or had at the very least had the decency to report the damage so the book could have been repaired.

There's a special circle in inferno for people who steal or damage library books.
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This afternoon, I wanted to go to the local library. It was getting a bit dark, so I took the detachable bike light with me. Unfortunately, the bracket that's supposed to hold the light in place is a bit dodgy sometimes, and when I hopped on, the light fell off the handlebar and wouldn't work anymore. Grumbling, I went back inside, took the light apart with a Leatherman and reassembled it a couple of times until it worked again, at least when I thwacked it hard enough. It has some connection issues, I reckon.

Then, finally back from the library, I intended to go grocery-shopping. I only got as far as to the parking lot behind our building when the left pedal suddenly fell off. Just like that. I mean, it had been acting out for a few days, but I was still like WTF!? And with my fairly limited mechanical skills I couldn't even get the bloody thing back on - it feels something inside the crank arm is too worn for me to simply screw the pedal back on place; it just keeps spinning and won't take hold; I'll probably have to replace the whole assembly :( In the end I walked to the grocery store, since it's not that far, but the whole business of bike falling apart under me took more time than I felt comfortable with.

I'll go back to the ultrasound devices, then.


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