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This afternoon, I wanted to go to the local library. It was getting a bit dark, so I took the detachable bike light with me. Unfortunately, the bracket that's supposed to hold the light in place is a bit dodgy sometimes, and when I hopped on, the light fell off the handlebar and wouldn't work anymore. Grumbling, I went back inside, took the light apart with a Leatherman and reassembled it a couple of times until it worked again, at least when I thwacked it hard enough. It has some connection issues, I reckon.

Then, finally back from the library, I intended to go grocery-shopping. I only got as far as to the parking lot behind our building when the left pedal suddenly fell off. Just like that. I mean, it had been acting out for a few days, but I was still like WTF!? And with my fairly limited mechanical skills I couldn't even get the bloody thing back on - it feels something inside the crank arm is too worn for me to simply screw the pedal back on place; it just keeps spinning and won't take hold; I'll probably have to replace the whole assembly :( In the end I walked to the grocery store, since it's not that far, but the whole business of bike falling apart under me took more time than I felt comfortable with.

I'll go back to the ultrasound devices, then.


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