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I did manage to transcribe some data today, which is nice, considering my rather tight schedule.

But even nicer is that today I went to our Japanese study group meeting for the first time in three weeks :) It's not that I don't enjoy studying Japanese, I enjoy studying any language (well, ancient Greek might be an exception...), but I want to go there well prepared and I don't often have time to prepare the text up front. If I go unprepared, I have to keep asking questions half the time: how to read this and that kanji or combination, or what this word means.

And I find it humiliating, since there are people in the group who were on the same bloody absolute beginner's course with me a few years back (in 2003, if memory serves). I think I'm the only one in the group, who's not single, which probably explains at least partially why they find more time and energy to study. And most of them, since I'm one of three girls, are guys, which occasionally makes me feel slightly awkward - in spite of the fact that many of my very best friends over the years have been and are male. Often it is that I'm the only gal who turns up, and often I just pull the one-of-the-guys-act :( I'd prefer not having to, but somehow it sets me at ease.

But in the end, the study group is a wonderful thing to have, since without it, I would probably have stopped studying Japanese altogether. I'm no good at self-studying if there's nothing to make me study - like peer pressure, for instance. And even at the irregular pace I have been participating, there's visible progress, which makes me quite proud of myself. :)


Nov. 13th, 2007 04:19 pm
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I'm supposed to be transcribing data for my master's thesis. My thesis deals with translation of comics and I have loads of material needing to be transcribed. The process is as follows: I have in front of me two comic books, the French or English original on the left and the Finnish translation on the right, and they are both open at the same place. Then I scan each original page for expressions relevant to my thesis. If I find one, I locate it in the translated book as well. Then I type the original and the translation into a database table, plus information on the context and translation strategies used. Repeat until the last page is reached. It's really a quite simple and straightforward thing to do, but it's also unbelievably boring.

But it has to be done before I get to the interesting part: analyzing the data, MWAHAHAA!!

Erm. Right. Back to work.


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