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Just slight fangrrling before shutting up: Tales of Pain and Wonder arrived on Monday before last. The book is gorgeous and the chapbook containing bits and pieces of fiction lost along the way to the final edition is absolutely adorable. Also, all Sandman albums I ordered from Book Depository have already arrived. I'm only waiting for the three I ordered from amazon.com. And, naturally, bf decided he would have needed to order one book from amazon - but only after I'd already placed my order. >_< Oh, well, dollar is so cheap nowadays that we can afford another order soon enough, even with the outrageous amazon postage, although I just realised a while back that the postage from amazon.fr is actually higher than from amazon.com - that's cheap dollar for you.

I am, also, slightly drunk, of paella and good chilean wine ^_^. See you all on Saturday. Good striking!
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It's done. I hardened my heart and sacrificed my not-quite-virginal credit card to the altars of online bookstores. To be more precise, I finally, realizing their rapidly approaching out-of-print status, ordered all ten Sandman collections in paperback. And got them for a few euros less than the price of Absolute Sandman vol.1 in Finland - ten books for the price of one, so to speak. I simply didn't want to get into the situation where my only options would be to buy the oversized and overpriced Absolute volumes or to hunt for overpriced out-of-print used copies if I ever wanted to own the whole Sandman series (not counting the later additions like Dream Hunters).

It's a funny feeling you get when you've just spent almost 120 euros in books. *giggles, then jeers with a queer squint* But hey, the price per book came to something like 11.7 euros, when the retail price here is closer to 20. So I actually saved a lot of money while it may look like I splurged.

And my copy of Tales of Pain and Wonder has apparently shipped, but not yet arrived. I'm getting somewhat impatient here.

Speaking of impatience, I almost ran out of the said unvirtue when my SDLX edit kept mysteriously crashing on me yesterday. Since it almost invariably died only when I tried to confirm some specific segments in some specific files, I felt the problem was file-related rather than program-related and contacted the SDL Finland office where I had subcontracted the work (all right, it's the office previously referred to as "office B" or something, but it's really too much bother) and we used the best part of this morning trying to work it out.

It turned out that the problem wasn't file-related, but luckily my counterpart in the SDL office found a solution posted on one freelance translator discussion forum. It was indeed a bug, although easily fixable by fiddling with the settings. The only thing that bugs me is that I should have found it myself... I only tried to look into SDL's own solution database, but since they're revamping the system, the database was unavailable. And did I tell you I just updated the program and the problem occurred only afterwards? And that you can't report the bugs to the SDL technical team unless you have a paid support contract? And, based on the dates of the forum discussion, the bug only appeared after the aforesaid update package was launched? And for the time being at least, it isn't listed as one of the "known issues" of the said release.

For a while I felt like a fisherman watching his boat sink. If the this tabletop suddenly died on me, I could load the translation software on the laptop and carry on working. But if the software starts acting up on me, I'm reduced to twiddling my thumbs until I get it fixed. I'm really, really glad it's over.
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OMG OMG OMG!!!!! (add more exclamation marks as required) Subterranean Press has started shipping the copies of Tales of Pain and Wonder I was ranting about earlier.

I'm going to get it! It's mine, my prrecious, Mwahahahahaa!

Ahem. Back to work.


Feb. 19th, 2008 04:26 pm
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I just preordered a signed limited edition hardcover copy of Caitlín R. Kiernan's Tales of Pain and Wonder. And paid a whopping 52 USD for it, postage included, which translates to roughly 35 euros. But it's not as expensive as it sounds, since the out-of-print softcover copies sell for 40 euros and up (the most expensive copy I found had a price tag of 92,72 euros, which I found a bit extravagant for a used paperback) these days. I could have gotten it for something like 30 euros with postage from Amazon.co.uk, but somehow I felt more comfortable with ordering directly from the publisher, plus there's a free chapbook with extra-special bonus material included with all the copies purchased from Subterranean Press (don't you just love the name?), which is not available anywhere else. The fangirl in me is perfectly happy to pay an extra 5 euros for something extra-special and geeky ^_^.


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