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I don't deserve my moonflower seedlings. I once again left them out in the cold wind today, and almost killed them again. And they resurrected once more. I really don't deserve them.

I'm apparently not used to plants as fussy as them. Even basil seems hardy when compared to my fainting beauties. If only I would get them to flower, then all these shocks would seem worthwhile. If only.


May. 6th, 2008 10:12 pm
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I should really be doing this blogging thingy much more often: it's a good outlet. And also an excellent method of procrastination...

At the moment, I'm supposed to be proofreading an essay I wrote in ancient times about the influence of Norman French on Early Middle English. I'm almost done - something like three more pages to go - and then I can email it to the person who'll grade it. And I'll get some study credits.

Then, I'm going to go through one chapter of my thesis before going to bed. I still haven't heard from the prof. concerning the first version, but otherwise the thesis is doing fine. It's me who's worse off >_<.

And I almost killed the Moonflower seedlings again today. I just got them inside an hour ago and they looked a tad floppy. During the first half an hour the floppiness got progressively worse. *scurries off to check the current status of the patients* And now some of them are already back in the land of the living. I just have to learn the hard way, don't I?

Hmm. I need more icons, too. Something emotive; I already have many serious ones, an inquisitive one and a humorous one. I need something cheery and something pissed off. And some more with plants in them. I'll probably have to ditch some old ones. Sigh. Finding any good icons is going to be a drag, though.

Edit: got the essay done and emailed. Now I'm off to pay the rent, then maybe some thesis-reading, then sleep.


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