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The new working desk arrived today and I spent most of the day assembling it with my dad and bf. The ensemble was integrated to a pre-existing bookshelf and also included some new shelves, so the whole thing took some time. Also, we had to take the old desk apart and move it out of the way. Which is why we now have a stylish black 'cube of drawers' which was previously integrated in the old desk and was the only part of the horrendous thing I ever liked. The new desk is much bigger than the old one, but it somehow seems to fit in our bedroom much better than the old one O_o. Must be an optic illusion created by the light-coloured wood or something...

But the main thing is: I can now spread out ^_^.  I always like to work by scattering all related and unrelated papers and books and whatnot all over the desk and floor and everywhere. I had no room for such a thing on the old desk so I ended up with a heap of stuff on the floor and lots of bending down >_<.

And I did manage to write a page and something today, with some great ideas. Better working position obviously improves the bloodflow to the brain. And did I mention that the whole thing looks so much more professional than the old one? It feels like having an actual office at home.


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