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Let's see, what did I do over the past weekend, apart from working...

On Saturday, our Japanese study group took a mock JLPT test. I took a level 2 test, which is the second most difficult level. Last year, I passed the level 3 test (second most easy) and got a fancy certificate, yay! This year's test is on the 3rd of December, but I'm not participating, since I feel I'm not ready yet - and besides, participating costs money, and it's money well wasted if you don't pass. Anyway, I scored 47 % in the mock test, and that's my new record! :) In the first mock test I did during the summer (June?) I got 25 %, and in the second one (in August), 33 % - so there has been definite improvement! But I'm still quite not there yet, since you have to score at least 60 % to pass. But, hey, that's only 13 percentage points to go, less than what I've gained since August. In December 2008, I'll pass with flying colours!

The things I have to improve the most are: listening comprehension, kanji, vocabulary, reading speed...well, pretty much everything :9 The test consists of three parts: Kanji and Vocabulary, Listening Comprehension, and Reading Comprehension and Grammar. This time I scored best (57 %!) on Reading Comprehension and Grammar, which is very good, since it yields half of the total points. Of the three parts I scored worst (only 31 %) in Listening Comprehension. I guess I need more anime XD.

On Sunday two friends of mine (a couple since forever but moved to a shared apartment only a month ago) threw a housewarming party. They moved to place only a few blocks away from us. There was a big bunch of people, some whom I didn't know, but it was great fun :) We played some games, like Gloom, ate a lot and drunk mulled wine (note: most people had it with no alcohol). I saw a couple of friends I hadn't seen for months.

Now for bedtime, since I have a cold, a runny nose and a head full of goo :(


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