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In mid-November there were some issues with one translation in a project I'm responsible for. I asked instructions from the other branch office that had outsourced the work to us and they promised to look into it. I forgot to press the matter and they never got back to us. I had two possible courses of action. I took account the fact that there had already been problems with the source files of that very same translation job, and made up my mind. We delivered the translations, and since there were no complaints, I thought I had made the right choice and forgot all about it.

Until yesterday, when the whole bloody affair came back with a vengeance and bit me in the arse.

We should have stuck to the source, but I thought the source was corrupt, so we stuck to the translation memory (previous translations for the same client) instead. Bad choice. The source was correct, and now I have to fix umpteen translated sentences that are all in one single file of gargantuan proportions. It's very dull, very mechanical and very time-consuming, since due to the quality of the problem, it can't be fixed automatically, but has to be done manually, checking every occurrence.

At least I know what I'll do all Monday morning: mop up my own mess.
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Tämänhetkinen inhokkisana on sitten "innovatiivinen". Eli olen kääntänyt liikaa IT-alan markkinointitekstejä, joissa kaikki on "innovatiivista". Voi helkutti tällaisia tyhjiä ja jonkun copywriterin mielestä hienolta kuulostavia adjektiiveja, jotka on sitten vielä pakko lainakopioida suoraan englannista suomeen...

Toinen vastaava on muuten "intuitiivinen". Miten helvatissa joku käyttöliittymä tms. voi olla intuitiivinen? Olen yrittänyt korvata tätä esim. sanoilla "helppokäyttöinen" tai "vaivaton", mutta kaikissa projekteissa se ei enää mene läpi, kun tuo yksi versio on jo vakiintunut.

En siis inhoa työtäni, mutta työtehtävien kanssa menee joskus hermo.
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For the past few weeks I've been wondering whether or not I would go back to freelancing if I were to be offered a permanent or semi-permanent position. My contract was extended with another two weeks, so I will be on the company payroll at least until the end of August. There has been talk about a six-month contract, but nothing definitive. I've already stated I wouldn't decline a more long-term position, but it wasn't an easy decision to make.

Each choice has its pros and cons. As a freelancer, I had more flexible hours, which can be a good thing or a bad thing. Although I could choose rather freely when I worked and for how long, I was also forced by necessity to work late at night or on weekends. Another issue is the pay. My impression is that when I'm working on a salary, I'm actually doing more for less. I once calculated I could make earn an amount equal to my current monthly salary by working two full (~40-hour) weeks as a freelancer. Although a freelancer incurs extra costs (pension insurance and such) and only rarely has the chance to work full weeks, the end result would be the same even with these variables: I would make more money as a freelancer. But on the other hand, working in an office provides a steady source of income, whereas a freelancer, in my experience, only faces two kinds of situations: swamped or bored. Either there's enough work for three people or there's not enough for a half.

So I eventually decided to give it a go, chiefly because of the stability of both the paycheck and the working hours. But the fact remains that I'm underpaid even by the standards of an academic field dominated by female employees. If they offer six months with my current salary, I'm game, if less, I'll become my own boss again. After the six months I'll have pretty much equal experience on freelancing and payroll employment, and hopefully will be better informed to reach a decision in favour of one or the other.
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Although I really should. Last Thursday I started working again at the translation office where I spent the last summer as a trainee. My contract lasts until the end of July, with an option for two more weeks in August, so you could call me seasonal help. Since it's the season that causes all the fuss and trouble.

July is the month when Finland closes shop. I'm serious. Everyone wants to have their summer holiday in July. Hence, one third of the in-house translators are on vacation in July. The problem is, the holiday season in most of Central and Western Europe doesn't start until later, in August. So, many other European branch offices (excluding Sweden, for instance) are just now busy trying to get as much work done as possible before everyone goes on holiday. And since we get quite a big proportion of our assignments from other European offices, we're swamped.

So, they called me early last week: "We're a bit short-staffed, could you lend a hand?" And here I am, a salarywoman once more. I get this feeling that I currently do more and get paid less than as a freelancer, but the fixed (or slightly flexible) hours have their perks: no more working 'till the wee hours of dawn or on weekends.

But I'm  loath to wake up at 7 o'clock ayem. Besides, my brain doesn't function properly before 11 o'clock or noon. Luckily, I apparently can do quite a decent job on autopilot ^_^;;;


Jan. 3rd, 2008 04:09 pm
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Nothing much. Yuletide and new year's eve came and went rather smoothly. I'm up to my ears in work and the deadline for my thesis' first version looms closer and closer. And that's about it.


Oct. 30th, 2007 12:47 pm
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Trallala. I did get the assignment the loss of which I was grumbling over last Saturday. Deadline is by tomorrow morning, so I'm rather busy right now. I had planned to work on my thesis, but that's not the kind of work that pays the bills, so I took the one that does ^_^; I guess I'm a bit greedy that way, but hey, you can't very well eat an academic qualification, can you?

"Money money money, must be funny, in a rich man's world..." Or something like that. Not that I'll ever be rich, or a man, for that matter. Except for a while on next Saturday when I'm pulling a cross-dressing stunt at a Hallow'een costume party. I just wish the weather was a bit dryer (i.e. not raining and foggy all the time) that I could air my second-hand suit.


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