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Ph34r t3h cute ones, LOLcat ed.

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If you think your life needs some action, then, by all means, get yourself a cat. Or two. Then, proceed to giving them their dewormer. Action ensues.

So, the story thus far: a while back we tried giving the boys their dewormer with the method that had worked previously, that is, as a crushed tablet mixed with boiled fish. Last year they eventually ate it, although gingerly and only after realizing nothing better was goung to be offered until they would empty the bowls. This time they didn't. Oh, well, Loki eventually ate some, so he probably got his assigned dose, but Leu resolved to fast until tastier repast would be offered. Later on, when investigating on methods of deworming a fussy cat, I found out that the particular brand of dewormer we had been using apparently is foul-tasting even as a whole tablet, but even more so when ground up. Well, you live and learn.

The next step was to purchase more dewormer in paste form and to squirt it directly in Leu's maw, since we figured he wouldn't probably eat it voluntarily anyway. The only problem was that it was a three-day regimen where the tablet had been a single dose, so we would have to make him swallow it for three times in a row. The first time was almost too easy. I simply grabbed him at the scruff of the neck, inched the tube between his teeth and squirted. Some of the stuff went on the floor, some on his fur, but most in his mouth. After I let go, he just went to the bathroom to mope for a while.

But the second time wasn't as easy. First of all he was a bit wary and led me a merry chase when he saw me coming with the paste. I finally got him pinned on top of the piano. Holding him still was the easy part, since he apparently was scared stiff. And there was me thinking it was a piece of cake as I squirted in the second dose. Then I got a whiff of something. The poor thing had evidently panicked and wet himself. On top of my piano. And I couldn't really be mad at him since he was so obviously scared out of his wits.

I can only blame myself, since I should have seen it coming. On previous occasions, Leu has sometimes shat himself out of spite or fear when cornered. Only this time he apparently was out of ammunition in that department. I actually would have preferred the feces to urine since it would have been a lot easier to clean up afterwards. I just thank whatever gods there is that none of it managed to enter the keyboard. So I spent the rest of the evening cleaning the piano with strong vinegar. For the moment it appears I got rid of the smell, which is relief. I would have hated to have to get rid of the instrument.

So, next time - implying today - when I have to give this particular tomcat his medicine, I'll be sure to do it on the floor or other washable surface.


Jan. 3rd, 2008 04:09 pm
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Nothing much. Yuletide and new year's eve came and went rather smoothly. I'm up to my ears in work and the deadline for my thesis' first version looms closer and closer. And that's about it.

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Simply as a counterpart to the overly girl-kittie sweetness my sister [profile] saraste_impi has been posting, I give you our boys, who are absolutely not cute and sweet (or so they like to think...).

That's Loki on the left and Leu (or Lhew with Cymric spelling) on the right. This is a very typical pose for them, since they feel our piano is better for lounging upon than playing music with... And, yes, I drew the picture. They're big fellows, our boys. When Saraste posted about her kitty, I thought, "well, she weighs about one half of what Loki does and less than one half of what Leu does, since they're both about +5 kg cats, and Leu's bigger". Talk about tiny! However, since the boys grew up, most female cats have started to feel tiny to me in comparison. And the boys are not even on the fat side, or so the vet said the last time she saw them. Of course, their own opinion is that they are awfully underfed and malnourished XD
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I think I'll just do some transcribing, since bf's watching the newer film adaptation of Väinö Linna's novel The Unknown Soldier and it's not going to end until after an hour and a half or so....

My sister-in-law (bf's kid sister) came by today and brought some toys for the boys: a fluffy, bird-like thingy tied to a stick with a thread and two chewing toys with catnip - I hadn't even known they made chewing toys for cats... Boys love them, especially the fluffy thingy on a stringy. The problem is that Leu, who is bolder and fatter and greedier of the two keeps growling and hissing at his brother every time he - that is, Leu - catches the fluffy thingy. I guess it's some kind of "my catch, go away" -kind of reaction, but it still isn't nice. And just a few minutes ago I spotted him trying to keep both chewing toys for himself. He surely is a greedy little bastard, that one.


Dec. 1st, 2007 10:55 pm
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At the moment, our cat Leu is busy killing a mouseskin on our bed. Not a real mouseskin, though, just a piece of fur ripped off a squeaking toy mouse. But it's an odd thing. Originally, bf's parents got two toy mice for the boys, a black one and a gray one, and for some feline reason they seem to like the gray one better. It was skinned in a matter of weeks, while the black mouse remains relatively intact after a year or so. They still love playing with the gray mouse's skin and the squeaky part - although the latter is so battered it won't squeak anymore :) Periodically, they lose one or both mouse-parts underneath the sofa, piano or some other furniture and seem to forget about them until they mysteriously reappear after a while.

I think a great part of the mouseskin's appeal lies in the fact that it's real fur, not fake. It was impossible to tell while it was still attached to the squeaky bit, but once peeled off, it's obvious. What makes the situation macabre is the fact that it's possible that it's actually cat fur, since they've been known to use cat and dog fur in toys made in China and elsewhere in East Asia. I don't think it feels or looks like cat, though. I prefer to think it's probably rabbit or something else.

As a sidenote: since the animal rights group Oikeutta Eläimille approached tv channels on Wednesday with shocking video material depicting maltreatment of pigs, chickens and hens on Finnish farms, I was once again glad I don't eat meat and use only organically produced eggs. I wonder how many omnivores lost their appetite for ham and chicken wings for good. Quite a few, I hope. I originally quit eating meat exactly because of the production-oriented and overtly efficiency-conscious methods of the mainstream animal farming industry. I still feel bad about eating cheese and yogurt made of cow's milk, since dairy industry could not exist without meat industry and raising cattle (i.e. cows) is a lot more energy-consuming than raising for instance pigs or goats. I should probably switch to goat cheese, but I like all the other kinds of cheese too! A girl's entitled to have one vice, isn't she? And in the energy issue I compensate with not owning or driving a passenger car. I don't even have a license :)
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...our cats seem to dislike the sound of me playing piano. The truth is, I haven't been playing that much since the cats joined our household about two years ago, which has caused them to regard our piano as nothing more than a convenient place to lounge on.

But that's no excuse for hiding underneath the bed when I played "Walking in the Air" yesterday! I even played with the muffler pedal down for fear of disturbing the neighbours and embarrassing myself with my rather out-of-practice musical skills.

And to think that these are the kittens who grew up to the sound of Black Sabbath, Tarot et al. No appreciation for fine music whatsoever.


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