Jan. 19th, 2008 12:23 am
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Something like two pages today, didn't bother to count accurately. Which makes the total something like 18 pages. >_<

It's not over yet! And I'm getting a brand new working desk tomorrow ^___^.

And I sent the test translation to company A. Now I just wait and see what they make of it (probably omelette and bacon...).
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About three pages today: I'm getting faster and faster. I'll get there or die trying *strikes a heroic pose*. Well, maybe not, but I'll be awfully embarrassed after all this lip service if stumble on the finish line...

On a side note: I'll be doing a test translation for company A this week, and they consider contracting me. Yay!
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Two useful things I did today:

a) sent my CV and price list to Company A (see earlier post), and

b) paid my taxes. Advance taxes, actually, but now I don't have to pay any more for the remainder of this year (except for VATs, but they don't count, since I'm not the one paying them, I just collect the money and pass it on). WOOOT! No more taxes! Except for that small annoying residue tax from last year which I have to pay in December. But I'm trying to actively forget about that, so it doesn't really count :)

Next month, I really ought to look into getting myself a pension insurance. Blaah.
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When I was looking for a traineeship this spring I sent an application to this translation company A. Well, they hired someone else, but it didn't matter, since I was hired by this other company B, and I've been working for them ever since. A few weeks back I got email from this first company (A) inquiring whether I would be interested in a traineeship or a part-time position. I replied that I was far too busy with my master's thesis and freelancing to do any on-site work, but that I would be interested in working freelance. Yesterday I got a reply asking me to post my CV and price list :) Which means I have to update my CV and make up a price list...

I hate pricing. For the moment, I'm being paid by the company B price list, which isn't that bad, but could be better. I think I'll post a price list with somewhat higher word prices than the company B list. The problem is that I'm still relatively new to the industry and don't have a clear conception of an appropriate price level. Well, have to go by the gut feeling and state that pricing is negotiable to a certain degree.


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