May. 5th, 2008

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I almost accidentally killed my Moonflower seedlings today. In the morning,  I did what I always do in the mornings: lifted them out to the backyard to "harden" them - i.e. to get them used to the outside air instead of our centrally-heated flat. It was a bit windy, though, but the sun was shining heartily, so I thought nothing of it. At one p.m. I left for a test at the Uni and left the seedlings outside.

When I came back, several hours later, the wind was even worse. I still thought nothing of it, since the Moonflowers had sustained even colder afternoons without damage. I made dinner, went to the library, and finally decided to look in on the plants. The horror! They had flopped. I can't think of a better word: the leaves were hanging limp and lifeless, even the stems were drooping a little. I quickly scooped them back inside, but had small hope of them ever rejuvenating. But lo and behold: as I'm writing this, a few hours later, the seedlings are gradually getting back in shape. By the look of them, you wouldn't guess their earlier state of imminent demise.

I honestly thought I had killed them. Praised be the eternal resilience of green things! And the dumb luck of stupid gardeners...


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