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I really should check my emails more often, or at least regularly. Yesterday I missed a job assignment (I do freelance translations) because I didn't read my mails. Meh.

But when they offered me assignments before, they usually called...Where was I to know that this time they would use the email?! *whinewhine* Ahem. My own fault for being such a lazy-ass.

And now off for the local library, I've got a master's thesis to write. Which is no fun, since my prof, who's supposed to be directing me and my bloody writing process is not inclined to do any actual directing. He insists on seeing a full primary version (60 to 80 pages) and refuses to read or comment on any single chapters or pieces of writing prior to that. He might comment on my table of contents, though, like that's any help. The funny thing is that he's not actually obliged to direct student's theses if he doesn't want to, he could transfer the job to somebody else if he wanted. If. But no.

So, I'm going to write 60 to 80 pages in French only to find out that there's something awfully wrong with my methodology or approach or whatnot and do the whole thing over again. And he's going to do nothing to help me. That stupid, arrogant, selfish, stuffed-up bastard of a Frenchman!

And I can't very well give up, since graduating officially is going to help me big time professionally. So I'll just swallow me pride and keep going, a-crumbling and a-mumbling and a-swearing but progressing nonetheless.


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